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Crane lifts

  • Packing Service

    Ironstone Removals has had a packing service since 1990 and has packed out homes for thousands of clients being highly skilled in this field.

  • Apartments/Melbourne Wide Removals

    Ironstone has a long history of expertise in apartment removals. We operate on pre-quotes or an hourly rate, whatever suits the client and you can always be sure your furniture will arrive in perfect condition.

    It always helps to have a designated lift with covers and most important, is a lift key. If you have none of these, beware, for you will be in for a high cost, depending on
    your volume.

    90% of apartments in Melbourne have not been designed with removalists in mind, like most major cities in the world.

  • Piano Removals

    Ironstone Removals moves pianos and places them on pine flooring, tiles or carpet in a safe manner. Stairs are no problem. Pianolas are no problem.  We move pianos all over Melbourne in apartments, homes and flats.

    For a damage free service, call Ironstone Removals today.

    We have vast experience in moving these items and servicing businesses, homes and shops. We can move long distances on any road surface with damage free removal Australia-wide.

  • Queensland Removals

    Moving locally or interstate requires the same amount of care and planning. From
    pre-packing through to delivery, Ironstone Removals can assist with the many complexities involved with moving.

    Ironstone Removals takes great pride in knowing and understanding our client's needs, appreciating this stressful time and then offering a full range of removal solutions to alleviate the problems that can arise .

  • Difficult moves

    Ironstone Removals are highly experienced in difficult situations

    Large items removals;


    Pianos up and downstairs;

    Pool tables;

    Crane lifts;

    Balcony removals.

  • Ironstone Removals supply removals boxes to any of our clients when they are moving.

    In our inventory we have:

    Boxes and cardboard;

    Paper and tissue;

    Tapes and labels;

    Furniture pods / blankets;

    Plastic covers and bags;

    Packaging and miscellaneous;

    Moving packs;

    Plasma covers;

    Bubble wrap;

    Truck ties and trolleys.

  • Antiques and collectibles

    Ironstone Removals has vast experience in moving these items and servicing businesses, homes and shops. We can move long distances on any road surface with a damage free removal Australia-wide.

removalist bentleigh
removalist bentleigh

Moving Tips

Create an inventory of what you will be moving to your new address;

Contact us and get a free quote for your removal;

Sell or giveaway furniture or household items that you won't be taking, one month prior to your move;

Book your removal with Ironstone Removals;

Contact Ironstone Removals for any insurance you may require;

Arrange storage if necessary.

Packing tips: Books and wines into book cartons, cutlery, plates and clothes into standard cartons.

(Do not pack books in standard cartons. They will not be moved due to work safe rules.)

Keep loose items to a minimum; that would save you time and money.

Be accurate on your volume of furniture, especially with a settlement.


removalist bentleigh
removalist bentleigh
removalist bentleigh


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